What a difference a day (or week, or month or year) makes

I could never have imagined how my life was going to turn out. It hasn’t followed the plan I had in my head, that’s for sure.

How the worst time of your life can be followed by some of the best is crazy!

But I can honestly say I am happy now.

I know I might not always feel this positive but the most valuable lesson I have learnt is that I am strong. When my world imploded I really had no idea how I would rebuild it. But I did it, even though I didn’t believe I could.

Now, I know that no matter what life throws at me I really can do it. Yes it’s a bit of a cliché but your strength will come through weakness. How can anyone who has never faced hard times learn how to be resilient?

But I haven’t done it alone. I’ve had support from my family and close friends. They’ve listened to me rant and rave, they’ve held me while I cried, and they’ve just been there when all I wanted to do was sit in silence. I really hope that everyone has those people who will support them when things get tough.

I’ve had support from other people too. People that might not even realise they had an impact on me. People who got back in touch just to say they were shocked by what they had heard and they were there if I wanted to chat. I wasn’t in a place to be reaching out to people so it meant a lot for people just to send a quick message.

Whatever it is you might be going through, I promise you you can do it. Trust me, I actually know. Find people to talk to. Deal with it however you need to. But know that you will be a stronger person once you come out the other side.

And if you’re not sure how to talk to you people or how to ask for help, I will listen. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know you or haven’t spoken to you in years. Support is vital and if I can help by just listening then please message me. Share a bit of your story. Ask me about mine. Whatever it takes.

I got through it.

And you can too.